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Year 5

  Welcome to Classes 11 and 12


Term 3

Air Pollution Day

Year 5 had a brilliant day at Orchard School learning about air pollution. They started the day by learning what air pollution is, how it is created and what affect it has on us. They then spent the rest of the day completing a carousel of sessions.

One session included completing a scientific experiment to measure levels of air pollution at locations around the city. They found that Muller Road and the area outside Bristol Hippodrome were the post polluted. Another session involved designing and making Top Trump cards that provided solutions for air pollution in Bristol. They had to give their solution scores (such as planting more trees, making buses free and scooting) based on cost, environment and speed (to name a few), they then played against one another.

The last session included designing a poster to be displayed at the University of the West of England, and writing a letter to Marvin Rees (the Mayor of Bristol) encouraging him to reduce air pollution in Bristol. Year 5 are very much looking forward to hearing which posters have been chosen!

Term 2

KS2 Christmas Dinner

Year 5 really enjoyed getting into the festive spirit with their Christmas dinner! They made fantastic hats to wear and enjoyed the delicious food and Christmas cheer.

Year 5 Christmas Party!

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their annual Christmas party. They had fun playing games including freeze-framing scenes for detectives to investigate! They brought in lovely food and decorations to share and enjoy and had a fantastic afternoon.

Artwork with Mrs Taylor 

Class Eleven have produced artwork and poetry inspired by our school’s Learning Metaphor for this year ‘Boats.’ The class read ‘The Little Ships’ by Louise Borden. The book tells the story of the heroic rescue of British and French soldiers who were trapped in France at Dunkirk in May, 1940.

Class Eleven’s narrative poems tell the story of this dramatic rescue. Children used subject specific vocabulary to add authenticity to their poetry and powerful verbs and adverbs to fully engage the reader.

Here are some brief excerpts from their writing

Macy wrote:

‘Home, home,’ said my heart.
We could make it.
We would make it.
When we could not get home
Home found its’ way to us.’

Noah wrote:

‘With hope in our hearts
The little boats came
Hope is, and always will be a weapon,
Thanks to that hope
We got home safely.’

Zac wrote:

‘We were lined up
On Dunkirk’s shore
Waiting for ships
To take us home.
When a boat came
We filled it to the brim
Wishing only for home
Starving and thirsty
Tattered and wounded
But at least alive.’

Finn wrote:

The little ships came to save us.
We were trapped
And they were our only hope.
All of us, blood-stained and limping.
Soldiers rushing into the small boats
Belongings drifting
Scattered in the shallows.
As I was bundled into a boat
I clutched my family photo.
I thought of getting home to my family.
I was heading home.
I had hope now.
I had a chance.’


Term 1

Geography Week

We made tornadoes!

After learning about tornadoes and exploring the relationship between climate and tornadoes we had a go at making some. We put water, washing up liquid, food colouring and glitter (which acts as the dust a tornado picks up) in a jar. We then shook it all up and waited for it to settle...

We were very excited to discover that when we shake our jar a mini tornado appears inside!



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