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Year 2

Welcome to Classes 5 and 6


Design Technology - Vehicles

As part of the DT curriculum Class 5 have designed and constructed vehicles using axles. Afterwards we evaluated our creations. We thought carefully about whether our vehicles match our design.


In a recent art lesson Year 2 sketched a portrait by mapping out their own faces. We discussed what could be seen before starting and during the drawing process. we learned to gain more control over the pressure used on drawing implements to make intentional light and dark marks.

History & Geography Week


Year 2 have had a wonderful time learning about life on Tudor ships. They had great fun making hard tack biscuits as part of the recent History & Geography week.


They mixed flour, water & salt together until it had combined into a doughy ball. Then they rolled it out, using extra flour to stop the mixture from sticking to the board. Class 6 baked theirs in the oven and Class 5 left theirs to air dry – this didn’t alter the taste!

End of KS1 SATs information



Children used a range of activities to deepen their knowledge of materials and their properties.

Children investigated printing with a variety of materials. Stanley used plastic cotton reels, ‘because they were hard’. Matthew enjoyed using the sponges. He said, ‘It was good for printing because it was absorbent’.

Activities included creating sun catchers by melting wax on translucent paper. Eleanor said, ‘It looks like a liquid. When it goes hard again, it sticks the paper together’.

Different materials were used for modelling. Holly decided the pipe cleaners were the best material to use because ‘you can bend them and twist them together’. Spencer said the wire was good to use ‘because it’s flexible’. Tilly said she liked using the plasticine ‘because you can squash it into lots of shapes’.

Looking at artifacts

Year two have been looking at early sailors’ equipment (which were kindly loaned by Bristol Museums).

We looked carefully at the mysterious objects. We noticed all the minute details about each object. We then asked questions which we thought might help us to find out what each object was and what it was used for.

Geography - Reading Maps


In Year we have been studying maps in Geography. In this lesson we were looking at the symbols that can be found on an Ordnance Survey Map. We used magnifying glasses and the map’s key to understand the symbols.

Safer Internet Day


As part of Safer Internet Day Year 2 have been reading “Tek, A Modern Cave Boy” by Patrick McDonnell.  Tek is a cave boy in love with tech: his tablet, videogames, phone, and TV keep him deep in his cave, glued to his devices, day in and day out. He never sees his friends or family anymore - and his ability to communicate has devolved to just one word: "UGH"! Can anyone in the village convince Tek to unplug and come outside into the big, beautiful world? We have been thinking about the amount of time that we spend on electronic devices. We used a conscience alley to decide if Tek should spend more time playing or on his devices. We decided that he should spend much, much more time playing with his friends.



We have been learning about all types of measurement – time, length, volume to name but a few. In this lesson we were measuring liquids – the unit of measurement was ml. Our teachers had coloured the water with primary colours. Whilst we were accurately measuring the water we also noticed that we were creating secondary colours!

Stay and Read


We had a lovely morning of reading when parents came to stay and read with their children. Some children and their parents visited the library to check in/out their books. Other chose to stay in the classroom and read from the well-stocked class libraries. 

We  were lucky enough to have Andy Bartlett visit to tell us many amazing facts about Antarctic explorers, which linked perfectly with our topic! He also told us what climbers and explorers would need to take with them on their adventures. The bags were very heavy and packed full of useful equipment, which we got to handle. It was an inspiring session.

Start with Singing


We have been enjoying our “Start with Singing” lessons with Miss Cooper on Thursday mornings. We have been learning lots of musical vocabulary – pitch, dynamics, rhythm, pulse to name but a few!

3D Shapes


In Year 2 we have been learning about the properties of shape. We created 3D shapes using mini marshmallows and cocktail sticks. Which 3D shapes can you spot? How many edges does it have? How many vertices? What are 2D shapes are the faces?

Colour Mixing – Secondary Colours


We mixed white powder paint and water to create liquid paint. We painted a dot in the centre of our paper. We then added yellow powder which made a cream colour. We painted a circle around our white dot. We added more yellow paint and this made the paint a darker shade of yellow. Then we added a small amount of blue paint. This turned our yellow paint a shade of green. We painted a circle around the yellow circle. We continued this process until we had created a dark shade of green. We waited for the paint to dry and then we created a display! Pop into our classrooms to see what you think!

New book

We were so excited to open the new book chosen for our class. We enjoyed slowly unwrapping it to reveal it to the class. It was Oi Dog and the class were thrilled with it.

Grandparent Reading Afternoon


Year 2 were delighted to have grandparents visit their classrooms to read a selection of books with the children.

“I didn’t like it. I loved it!” said Flora.


“It was fun.” Martha

Aardman Workshop

Year 2 were thrilled to take part in an Aardman workshop. They created Feathers McGraw out of clay.


We have been having fun making Christmas decorated branches to hang in the school hall.

Great Fire of London


Our topic during Term 2 is The Great Fire of London. We have been learning that the fire was able to spread easily due to a number of factors – the houses were made of wood and straw, they were very close together and there had been many days of hot, dry weather. Today we recreated how the fire spread.

Exploring Spanish


In Year 2 we have weekly Spanish lessons with Ms Collings. Recently we have been learning the words for the continents and oceans. 


Our exciting weekly music lessons with Miss Cooper.

Viviane Schwarz Visit

Year 2 had a wonderful week last week. On Wednesday they visited the Old Vic to see Viviane Schwarz. She demonstrated how to make a book.

“She had a nice voice” Susie

“Viv read to us and I love it!” Jowan

“She explained why she liked being an author” Abigail


We were then thrilled to welcome Viv into our school on Friday. Classes 5 & 6 created their very own book with Viv. Please do visit the library to read them!



Year 2 created stunning Great Fire of London Silhouette pictures using a marbling technique. We sprayed shaving foam into a tray, dropped in 3 different food colourings then we swirled the glorious mixture around. We dipped in our card, pulled it out and scraped off the shaving foam off to reveal a fantastic swirled pattern. Afterwards we created a silhouette using black card and 2D shapes. We stuck this onto marbling.


In our next lesson we created a kenning-style poem about the Great Fire of London which we copied onto the swirling flames on the picture.

Mexican Hat Dance

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed performing a traditional Mexican Hat Dance to parents!


Autumn Science and Art on Durdham Downs


Year 2 had a glorious morning learning about the Bristol Whitebeam Tree that is unique to our city. They created an amazing natural piece of art & topped the morning off by creating local animals out of clay and other natural resources.




Year 2 have been learning about micro-habitats as part of their science curriculum. They had lots of fun exploring the school grounds looking for mini-beasts and their habitats.


Our new learning metaphor for 2019/2020 is Exploration so very soon you will be able to see our new Class Charters.

Parent Information Evening.

If you were unable to attend please take a look through the PowerPoint that was shown on the evening. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.