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Year 2

Welcome to Bristol Whitebeam and Beech class



In history Year 2 have been thinking about sources of information. How do we know about the Great Fire of London? We found out that there were co computers, internet or cameras. We read about Samuel Pepys and his diary. Did you know there were no pens back in 1666? So they used quills – feathers with sharpened points. We had a go at writing with a quill and ink. We really enjoyed using them!

Drama - The Great Fire of London

As part of our topic on the Great Fire of London we thought about why the fire was able to burn so easily. We found out the not only were the house built out of wood and straw. but also they were built very close together. This, combined with the dry weather and strong winds, made for the perfect conditions for a fire to take hold.

 We used ribbons to demonstrate how easily the flames were able to spread to neighbouring houses.


We created firework pictures using salt painting.

Science and Art

Year 2 recently had a lovely morning on the Downs doing Autumn Environmental Art and Science with Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project. First we learned about some of the trees, plants and birds living there, including the Bristol Whitebeam, and we talked about what happens to them in autumn.

We laid out a canvas and did a colour matching activity. We chose a bead and found a natural object to match the colour of the bead. It was great fun. We laid our objects down on the canvas. We found so many different colours.

Black History Month

As part of Black History Month we looked at the amazing art of Lorna Simpson. She is an American artist who is well known for photo collages. We were inspired to create our own pictures using our own portraits. Here are a few of the pieces of art that we created.

Alive, Once Alive, Never Alive


In science Year 2 have been learning the characteristics of Alive, Once Alive & Never Alive. We searched our school grounds to locate objects for each category.

We checked to see if the objects were able to:

  • move –  a flower will open up towards sunlight
  • make more of their own species – humans and other animals have babies, birds will lay eggs
  • respond to the place they are in – if a plant is in a dark place, it will try to grow towards the light
  • feed – animals will eat food, plants will suck up goodness from soil
  • grow
  • get rid of waste – like when humans go to the toilet
  • need oxygen

 We could see the moon and had a really interesting conversation about which category it should be in. Which category do you think it should be in? Send your answers to

Parent Information Presentation

Please scroll through this presentation which contains lots of useful information about Year 2. 

We have just renamed our classes, as our logo is  a tree we have all chosen tree names.

In Year 2 we are Bristol Whitebeam and Beech classes. Here is a PowerPoint telling you about our trees.