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Horfield Church Of England Primary School

Deeply rooted, flourishing together, reaching great heights

Year 2

Welcome to Classes 5 and 6


Berkeley Castle

We had a great day looking around the castle. We learned that there was a very deep dungeon for prisoners. There were lovely kitchens for preparing the food. The width of the castle wall is 7 children wide. We enjoyed making stained glass windows and spotting dragons on the Dragon trail.

I enjoyed looking at the silver cutlery. (Elijah) 

 I saw that the murder hole was dark. (Yunis) 

 I liked the prison cell of King Edward because I like scary things. (Annabel) 

 I liked when we saw and walked through the (empty) moat. (Rachel) 

 I liked when we coloured our stained-glass windows. (Adil) 

 I liked when we saw the statues. (Ola) 

Visit from The Clifton Suspension Bridge Centre

The children had opportunity to dress in clothing that Brunel and his friends would have worn. Did you know that Brunel was fascinated with circles and tried to perfect his drawing of them….. whilst he was sat on the rickety steam trains! The children re-enacted this. It proved to be quite tricky.


DT - Vehicles

Year 2 have had a wonderful time designing and creating vehicles. When we were designing the vehicles we HAD to make sure that there were at least 2 axles and 4 wheels (we could have more if we wanted!). We were very excited to create our vehicles. As you can see we thought very carefully about where to place the axles. If they were too high we found that the wheels did not reach the ground and the vehicle would not move!


Ordnance Survey Maps

In Year 2 we have been learning about maps. In this lesson we explored Ordnance Survey maps. We looked at all of the symbols and guessed what they might mean and then, remembering our work about keys in maths, we looked at the key to see if our guesses were correct. 

Returning to school after the January 2021 Lockdown

We were very excited to return to school and to see our class mates again. We thought carefully about the things that we are good at and what we were looking forward to doing. Then we wrote those ideas onto one of our class postcards.

Great Fire of London Art

Year 2 have created amazing silhouettes of the skyline illustrating how London may have looked during the Great Fire in 1666.

They squirted shaving foam into a tray. Dropped in food colouring. Then then swirled the colouring. Next they squashed a piece of card into the foam. They pulled it out, scraped off the foam to reveal their amazing scenes. Afterwards they drew around 2D shapes to create the buildings. These were then added to the foam marbling. The results were stunning!

 We were then inspired to create a noun-phrase poem to describe the scene.


In science we learnt about microhabitats. We found out that there are lots of microhabitats in our school! We decided to create some more by making bug hotels. We repurposed cartons and cardboard tubes to be the structure. Then we added leaves and twigs for the creatures to live in. Finally, we attached string so that we could hang them up to keep the creatures away from some of their predators.

Clay Animals

Year 2 created some fantastic native British Animals only using natural materials. We used tools to create patterns on our animals. We inserted wooden matchsticks to create spikes in the hedgehogs and oak leaves for busy tails!


Year 2 have been learning about Mexico this term. They recently watched a demonstration from Mrs Welch on how to make Salsa. They tasted it afterwards!

Autumnal Art

Year 2 have enjoyed creating some amazing autumnal art this week. They were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. They collected leaves from around the school grounds, starting with yellow, moving to orange and finally onto red. Javi spotted some leaves that were multi-coloured and he exclaimed that they looked like flames!

Colour Monster Art

Year 2 have been enjoying The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. We were inspired to create a green calm collage of natural things that we found in the school grounds. 

Science - Alive, Dead, Never Been Alive

Year 2 have been thinking about alive, dead or never been alive. We learnt that if something is alive it breathes, drinks and eats. We found out that if something is dead it no longer does these things. If an object was never alive it never did any of these things. 

Class 5's 'Humming Birds' Praise Postcard

We have all made Humming Birds to decorate our card which was inspired by our whole school metaphor of 'Birds reaching great heights.' 

 Class 6 'Jays' Praise Postcard

We have all made Jays to decorate our card which was inspired by our whole school metaphor of 'Birds reaching great heights.'

Colour Monster Writing

For our 'Whole School' entrance hall display we wrote poems inspired by the book 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas.  We united as a whole school to explore our emotions.  Can you spot how we have captured each feeling from the story with our use of colour and powerful descriptive language?

 Here are our Class Charters for 2020-2021. 

Our Learning Metaphor this year is birds.

Class 5
Class 5
Class 6
Class 6