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Deeply rooted, flourishing together, reaching great heights

Year 4

Welcome to Classes 9 and 10

Team Games

Recently we tried some team games as part of our Get set 4 PE trial!

We used skills such as communication, trust, being supportive, and encouragement to carry out the different activities. Here you can see us getting into height order, ordering ourselves by hand size (without talking!), attempting to untangle our human knots, and using our bodies in different ways to create different machinery. We had so much fun!

Egyptian Day


We had an absolutely fantastic Egyptian Day! We made our own papyrus paper, learnt an Egyptian dance and discovered a range of arts and crafts.

Trees and composing

This week we were lucky enough to be visited by a composer and professional French horn player, Liz Lane. We are going to be creating our own piece of tree orchestra music guided by Liz and Emma, a professional cellist.


We explored the functions of the different parts of the digestive system. We used biscuits, water, banana and orange juice to represent the food and acid in our stomachs. Then we used tights to represent the small intestine and squashed out out the liquid, leaving the waste ready to be squeezed out!

Egyptian Death Masks


This term year 4 have made Egyptian Death Masks. We went through several processes including preparation, paper mache, painting and decorating. We are very proud of our finished products!

Science - Animal Classification

Year 4 had a fantastic time doing an invertebrate hunt this week. We’ve been learning about animal classification and learnt that invertebrates can be classified into insects, arachnids, annelids and molluscs. We thought about what we could expect to find in our school grounds and then carefully observed invertebrates in their microhabitats. It was particularly exciting to find a large spider!

Earth Hour

In Year 4, we celebrated Earth Hour by planting some seeds. Class 9 planted sunflower seeds and Class 10 planted some squash, lettuce, peppers and herbs. We are really excited to see them grow!

Online Safety

Year 4 have been working with Mrs Pritchard on Thursday afternoons.  We have been discussing how to stay safe online with the help of the Smart Crew from a website called Childnet.  Everyone worked well in partners and produced a powerpoint presentation explaining the main messages of staying safe online.  You can see three presentations below.

Science Week 

Year 4 investigated freezing and melting this week, we created our own investigations into which cubes we thought would melt the quickest and slowest. We were surprised to find out that oil and syrup didn’t even freeze, and that washing up liquid froze opaque!


We really enjoyed our cricket workshop! We practised some throwing and catching skills and played a cricket game in pairs.

Aboriginal Art

We have loved being creative and arty during our first week back at school. We explored the history of Indigenous art and were inspired to create our own Aboriginal dot paintings.

Carefully, we ensured our dots were evenly spaced and sized!

Sound Vibrations


Recently  we explored sound vibrations. We investigated how sound travels through the air. We explored this is a variety of ways such as feeling vibrations in different instruments like a cymbal and banging a drum with rice and confetti on!

We also discovered that sound travels through solids and made our own string telephones to demonstrate how vibrations travel through the string.

Greek Salad

We have been tasting different ingredients for a Greek Salad! We tried feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and olives. Everyone designed their own Greek salad and brought home the recipe to try making at home!

Greek Clay Pots

As part of our exploration of Ancient Greece, we have found out how Greek pots were made and what they were used for. We each created our own clay pot and decorated it using Greek patterns.


After half-term you will be able to see the pots decorated!


This term in Year 4 we have been exploring electrical currents.  We have made a bulb light up and a buzzer buzz! We investigated materials that are conductors and insulators and even tested to see if a lemon could replace a battery. 

Class 10 'Starlings' Praise Postcard

We have all made a murmuration of starlings to decorate our card which was inspired by our whole school metaphor of 'Birds reaching great heights.' 

Colour Monster

For our 'Whole School' entrance hall display we wrote poems inspired by the book 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas.  We united as a whole school to explore our emotions.  Can you spot how we have captured each feeling from the story with our use of colour and powerful descriptive language?

Here are our Class Charters for 2020-2021 

Our Learning Metaphor this year is birds.

Class 9
Class 9
Class 10
Class 10