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Year 5

  Welcome to Classes 11 and 12


Toby Hulse Visit


We were privileged to welcome Toby Hulse to our Year 5 classrooms last week.  Toby is a director and playwright who creates theatre for young and family audiences in an educational context. 

Toby informed us all about his newest play that he is writing called ‘This Island’s Mine.’  It will be a sequel to ‘The Tempest’ and will be shown at The Tobacco Factory in Bristol this autumn. 

The children’s task was to debate – in the shoes of the three characters – who the island belonged to!  This was a really interesting debate that raised numerous opinions and views which were passionately discussed by all.  Toby was delighted with the views expressed by the children and stated that he had at least two quotes that he would definitely be using in his play!


Oracy Through Art


During an Oracy lesson Year 5 learnt all about five paintings by famous artists:  Diego Velazquez, Edouard Manet, Henri Rousseau, Pablo Picasso and Pieter Brueghel the Elder. 

The children realised that reading a painting is very similar to reading a book and that they needed to decode the symbols in the painting to understand the meaning and use their inference and deduction skills to deepen their understanding.  They also used their own knowledge and life experiences - which influenced their responses.  We discussed the big difference between a book and a painting, with a book you imagine the scene - with a painting it is created for you.  Each group of children then presented their facts and personal views and opinions about their group’s painting to the rest of the class.



We had a visit from Neuroscientist Dr David Turk from Bristol University.  He spoke to us about our brains and how amazing they are.  We learnt that the Sperm Whale has the biggest brain on our planet and that our brains have 8 billion neurons in them!  Dr Turk reminded us of the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling, scooting etc to protect our brains from injury.  This information has added further inspiration for the University’s Brain Art competition that we are entering.



Year 5 have been using Base Ten to help with their multiplication of two-digit numbers.

Book Share Assembly


Here are some pictures from our recent Book Share Assembly!

We love reading!


We love exploring different book genres and reading with friends and special visitors!

The Stone Age Time Line

We have started Term 3 with a new topic – The Stone Age.  Our first challenge was to understand the chronology of events within the Stone Age period – this produced lots of interesting discussions about our World’s history including remembering our topics from previous Year Groups:  Ancient Egypt, The Romans, The Greeks, The Vikings and The Celts.

Winter Wonderland Lanterns

Year 5 were delighted to be chosen as one of four schools to decorate Christmas lanterns for this year’s Winter Wonderland at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway.  After learning about warm and cool colours - earlier this year - we decided to use a cool colour scheme for the lanterns.  We wanted to create a stained glass effect and we chose to use the Horfield School colours – blue and green.  We are delighted with the overall effect of the lanterns and excited to see them on display at the Mall over the festive period.

Christmas Trees


Class 12 explored different trees from around the world as the inspiration for our ‘Christmas Class Branch’.  We learnt about different textile artists that use felt and stitchery in their work such as Nancy Nicholson.  We then learnt basic stitchery such as running stitch and cross stitch - we also learnt / practised how to thread a needle and how to tie a knot in the end of a thread.  We selected our own felts and decorations (such as buttons, sequins and baubles) to decorate our trees – depending on our design.  We are all very proud of our trees hanging in the school hall.

Visitor from Italy


Claudia joined us from Italy and made a fantastic collage and taught the children some Italian words. We loved working with her at Horfield and her tiramisu was delicious!

We are astronomers!

We have been investigating planets and moons in our science this term.  We have created models to help us understand how this happens.

 Using card and split pins, we created a model with moving parts.  This allows us to show how the Earth orbits the sun, the rotation of the Earth, and how the moon orbits the Earth. 


Using a ping pong ball we modelled the movement of the moon.  One half of the ball was coloured in black to show the side that does not get the sun’s light. As we moved the ball around our head (acting as the Earth) it reveals the phases of the moon over the 28 day orbit!



In maths, we have been learning about square and cube numbers. Children used multi-link cubes to explore the concept of a cube number. 

Book Share Class Assembly

Here are some pictures from our recent Book Share Assembly. Children enjoyed sharing their reading books with the rest of the class.

Explorer Dome

As part of our Space topic, we were lucky enough to go into the Explorer Dome! Children learnt about the planets, constellations and the universe from experts.

Circus skills in Year 5!


In preparation for their new book 'The man who walked between the towers’, by Mordicai Gerstein Year 5 we had a go at some tightrope walking, juggling and skipping.

Year 5 children have been getting creative and decorating Christmas branches which have been hung in the school hall.  They have also designed and made some beautiful stain glass windows.

We are Geographers!

Year 5 have been enjoying our class text: ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo.  We have linked this to our Geography topic ‘Stranded!’

In the story, Michael washes up on a strange island in the middle of the ocean.  We learnt about how contour lines are used by map-makers to show lines of similar height.  We then made contour models of the island!

UWE Geography students visit Year 5!


On Tuesday a group of first year students taking a degree in Geography and Town Planning came to Year 5 as part of our ‘Stranded!’ topic.  They came with a number of activities to look at our local area.  Sam Harris and Ruben …. tell the story:

‘Our first activity was a board game, like Monopoly.  We had to use a dice and decide how to spend our money.  Another activity looked at good and bad roads.  We had to decide how to make a road safe – putting in cycle lanes and crossings.  Another activity was to look at a site in Horfield and decide what we wanted to build.  We chose a waterpark!’


Everyone learnt a lot about what planners do and we used our geography skills of map-reading looking at the human and physical features of our local area!

Investigating Hinduism

Year 5 are learning about Hinduism in RE this term.  We are following the enquiry, ‘How does belief in Brahman affect the way Hindus live?’

We learnt that Hindus speak about Vishnu as a god that can come into the world in many forms to restore balance.  We imagined what problems in the world that would need an intervention from Brahman.  We made these problems from play-dough.  Can you guess what they are?

Conscience Alley!


Linked to our class text, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, Year 5 have been following the fortunes of the main character, Michael.  In the story, Michael meets a strange old man called Kensuke who seems to be both looking after him and telling him what to do.

We discussed the question, ‘Is Michael a guest or a prisoner?’  To help with this, one of our class acted as Michael and walked down the conscience alley.  One half of the class told her why she was a guest, whilst the other side said she was a prisoner.

At the end we had to decide what we thought.


We shared and discussed the fabulous book ‘The Lost Book of Adventure’.  The illustrations in the book inspired our initial sketches / designs which in turn led us to lino printing.  We learnt the skills and processes involved in lino printing.  We also learnt how to mix the secondary colour green and how to produce different tones – lighter, darker and brighter.  We discussed all of the qualities we expect to see in each other throughout Year 5 and our high expectations of ourselves i.e. respect, generosity, determination and perseverance.   We are proud of our Class Charter and the strap line ‘Wanderlust – (n) a strong impulse to explore the world’, is intended to drive all our learning throughout Year 5.  Please pop up to see our Class Charter whenever you would like to. 


Our Class Charters are based upon our learning metaphor for 2019/2020 which is Exploration.

Class 11
Class 11
Class 12
Class 12